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Bridges between Anarchism and Democratic Confederalism - 3 »

Bridges between anarchism and democratic confederalism – 2 »

Democratic Confederalism and Collectivist Economics »

Interview about Rojava – Topics for Debate: Questions about the Strategic Scope – an interview with PYD officials »

Bridges between anarchism and democratic confederalism »

An Interview to a DAF militant about the solidarity for Rojava social process »

Brazil and the Elections in the Second Round – the campaign midterm »

BRICS and the New Axis of Expansionist Capitalism »

The global power of finance capital – the effects in Brazil »

The Brazilian World Cup in the Age of the Commodity of Images »

The Anger of the Brazilian Elite and the Lack of Ruling Class National Identification »

The struggle for a new democracy - Brazilian reality after the 2013 protests »

Brief analysis of the episodes of September 7, 2013 »

The civil war in Syria and the new arrangement of the Arab and Islamic world »

Amarildo the bricklayer and the transformation of Brazil »

Francisco I and the conservative modesty »

The Venezuelan right on the offensive »

China, Brazil and the fairground mirror »

Obama in Brazil: hearts and minds operations »

The economic journalism as the financial capital spokesperson »

They are neither left nor terrorists: the absurdities in the campaign for president of Brasil »

The U.S. is the Country of the Tonton Macoutes »

Ahmadinejad and his controversial visit to Brazil »

The Berlin Wall and the damned inheritance »

In Uruguay: the Frente Amplio’s victory is also a LEFT WING defeat »

In Rio de Janeiro, the order shock doesn’t guarantee the full citizenship »

The visit of French President Nicolas Sarcozy, staying in Brasil during Christmas week, has brought to the general public a classical theme in politics – remembering Carla Bruni’s husband nice trip to our marvelous country »

Brasil has surrendered to World Bank again – remembering the global financial crime crisis and its reflections in Brazil »

The crisis in Brasil. The Finance Minister said he knew nothing about it. »

Venezuela and the limits of representative democracy »

The Israel attack and the Obama Administration »

From the massacre of Palestinian children to the beginning of the 3rd Intifada »

The Anger of the Brazilian Elite and the Lack of Ruling Class National Identification »

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